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Garden Dreams Houston was born from a garage overflowing with delicious Meyer Lemons harvested from Alice McEntire’s backyard citrus orchard located in Groves, Texas. Now Alice is my mom, and she has been an avid gardener for many years. I am a teacher from a long line of teachers and farmers – my mom, father, grandmother, great uncle – all teachers and all connected to the earth and growing things.

Alice’s rich garden soil is the result of 45 years of composting and cultivating. I grew up digging, weeding, watering, harvesting freezing, and canning. I remember trekking out into the marsh near the beach to forage dewberries in the spring and climbing trees to pick wild mustang grapes.

Kirk O’Neal, Alice McEntire, and Elaine Lupovitch share a passion for growing things – kids, fruits, and vegetables.  As teachers and gardeners, they have joined forces to create Garden Dreams Houston specializing in herbs, citrus and a wide variety of vegetables grown using chemical free, sustainable gardening practices. Using their homegrown fruits, they create jams, jellies, conserves and marmalades with a definite Texas twist.

We are grateful for the support our Houston customers have given us and to the local growers, who provide us with such an amazing array of fruits and vegetables throughout the seasons. We really appreciate the non profit organization, Urban Harvest, which promotes and educates our community about the advantages of growing without chemicals and organizes the weekend farmers markets. We continue to be inspired by amazing artisans, like Rachel Saunders of Blue Chair Jam. We are focused on creating small batch, handmade jams, jellies, marmalades and salsas made with the very best ingredients, locally grown using sustainable practices. People like Alice Waters have been generating and practicing this idea, good food should be real and that means as fresh and natural as possible. Preserving foods is a great way to capture the goodness of season and enjoy it all year long.